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Sandi Wicher


Sandi Wicher started her own business, Dance it off Aerobic Workouts, teaching fitness, aerobic and Hatha Yoga classes in 1980, originally receiving her teacher training in Calif. She is well known for her 12 years of work teaching yoga in inmates at Washington State Penitentiary. Her interest in Qigong and Tai Chi began in 1993 when she began searching for additional programs that would benefit the prison inmates. It was at that time Sandi changed her business name to Harmony and Health. (When you are in harmony with the Universe, you will have health)

      In 1999, Sandi became a graduate of the Qigong teacher training program at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine under the direction of Professor Chen, Hui-Xian and is certified to teach several forms of Qigong. That same year, Sandi was certified by Dr. Liu Dong as one of the first students in the US to teach Jade Body Qigong. In 2000, Sandi traveled to China with Professor Chen to continue her education of Qigong Theory and technique studying with several masters.

     It was in China practicing with the people in the parks that Sandi became more interested in Tai Chi and upon returning to Washington State began searching for a qualified Tai Chi instructor. Her search led her to Dr. Paul Lam and his Sun Style Tai Chi for Health programs. Sandi became certified to teach her first forms of Tai Chi – Tai Chi for Arthritis. 

      Sandi believes continuing education is important and has attended many workshops and private trainings with Dr. Lam and many tai chi masters. She has completed training and continues to practice and teach, Tai Chi for Diabetes, Tai Chi for Back Pain, Tai Chi for Energy, Competition Style Sun 73 forms, Yang Style 24 Forms, Yang Style 40 Forms, Tai Chi Fan Form and Traditional Sun Style Tai Chi. In May 2011, Sandi took a second study trip to China to study Silk Reeling, Push Hands and Chen Style 19 Forms with Master Chen Bing at the Chen Bing Tai Chi Academy in Chenjiago. The following week was spent traveling to Wudanshan where Sandi learned Wushu, 5 Animal Qigong with master teacher Haung Laoshi.

      In January 2013 Sandi was invited to Australia by Dr. Paul Lam to participate in the Master Training Program.  As a Master Trainer, Sandi conducts Instructor Certification workshops in the Tai Chi for Arthritis and Fall Prevention Health Programs.     Further Master Training  workshops qualified Sandi to train and certify instructors in Tai Chi for Diabetes and Tai Chi for Energy health forms for the Tai Chi for Health Institute.  

    Sandi is a regular speaker at Arthritis and Diabetes support groups as well as several senior and retirement facilities, promoting the Tai Chi for Health programs. Her love for teaching and wanting the proper setting for increasing Tai Chi for Health awareness led her to build and establish Many Waters Wellness Center in Walla Walla. 

As of January 2019, Sandi Wicher is retired from teaching regular Tai Chi and Qigong classes and instructor training workshops.